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Leveling Foot

>PC Series

Product Code System

PC Series
      • Our levelers are popular because there is less damage and no problem with bending when adjusting the height by applying a high-quality bolt. They are chosen by customers thanks to their anti-vibration function and better durability.
        They are used in many places such as conveyor lines, various stage devices, research equipment, medical racks, heavy industry, construction, etc.

      • ● Bolt/Nut
        ㆍCarbon Steel
        ● Pad
        ㆍPressed Steel + TPR
        ● Finish
        ㆍNi plated / Polishing

Model  Dimension Material Load Capacity
L1  H1 Bolt/Nut  Pad 
PC-8 40 57.5 11
6.5 Ø36
Carbon Steel Pressed Steel
80 97.5
PC-10 60 81 13 8 Ø48 M10x1.5 300
100 121
PC-12 60 82 9 M12x1.75 500
90 112
120 142
150 172
PC-16 50 76 15 11 Ø58 M16x2.0 Carbon Steel Pressed Steel
80 106
100 126
130 156
150 176
180 206
200 226
PC-20 100 129 14 M20x2.5 1000
130 159
150 179
180 209
200 229


Meterial Surface Treatment
Carbon & Pressed Steel Ni Plated

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