The Accomplishment of Perfect Products & Company

Product Code System

G-DOK Industries is constantly moving forward for the prosperity and convenience of the new era.


    Our Slogan is
    ‘The Pride of Top Quality’

    We transmit a value of top-class product to customers and realize fast delivery by independently possessing all production processes to produce casters and wheels. We have a mission of improvement and think errors as the optimal chance. This quality mind of G-DOK Industries has recognized by the UK Lloyd’s famous for its difficulty from 1998 and has established a quality management system. The pride in quality made by ourselves is connected to the trust of customers.

G-DOK industries is working together to create a clean and safe world.


    We seek ‘The Accomplishment
    of Perfect Products & Company’

    We make eco-friendly products through eco-friendly production using eco-friendly raw materials. All our products are free from RoHS-regulated materials and free from REACH-regulated materials. We are going to establish an environment management system through inspiration of environmental mind for ourselves.