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    Q. What is custom solution service?
    A.  We provide custom service for various casters and wheels used in semiconductor, LCD, shipbuilding / heavy industry, AGV, STOCKER, OHT, OHS, conveyor.Our special whees have the best performance, making quality sensitive customers satisfied.
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    Q. Is it possible to make special casters other than your catalogs?
    A.  If you give us your specifications, we will provide an optimized solution from technical consultation, drawing to product processing.
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    Q. What's the special wheel size you can make?
    A.  Please let us know the specifications of the product you need and we will let you know whether it is possible or not.We normally make wheels of dia. 30 ~ dia. 500. and we can make bigger size than that.
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    Q. Can I get basic test data or reliablity report ?
    A.  We provide various test reports and reliability data upon request.
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    Q. What is the difference between urethane TDI, PPDI and NDI used for custom wheels?
    A.  Urethane materials used in our company have many different characteristics and grades. We have unique names according to its features and grade.