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Heavy Duty Casters

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    Q. What is a heavy duty caster?
    A.  A caster with a load capacity of about 700 ~ 5,000kg is called a heavy duty caster.
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    Q. What are the advantages and disadvantages of urethane wheels and mc nylon wheels for heavy duty casters?
    A.  Urethane wheels are softer than MC nylon wheels, resulting in less noise and floor damage, but with lower load capacity.MC nylon wheels are relatively harder than urethane wheels, providing good rolling and rotational performance and high load capacity. However, it can make noise and damage to the floor.
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    Q. The footmaster heavy duty caster has a BUSH-SHAFT integrated structure. What is that?
    A.  The casters of other companies have the bus-shaft separation structure, which causes tolerances and damages while driving.G-dok's shaft structure is integrated with bush to prevent damage. This is G-dok's patented technology.
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    Q. Is it possible to add a brake to the rigid type of the heavy duty caster?
    A.  Some products can be modified into the fixed brake type.
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    Q. Is it possible to add a direction lock to heavy duty casters?
    A.  The direction lock can convert a swivel caster to a rigid caster if you need, please contact us for technical consultation.