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Light Duty Casters

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    Q. What is a light duty caster?
    A.  A caster with a load capacity of less than about 120kg is called a light duty caster.
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    Q. Where is a light duty caster used? (Applications)
    A.  They are mainly used for trolley, office furniture, laboratory equipment and hospital carts.
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    Q. Is there a dual brake caster that locks the swivel part and the wheel part at the same time?
    A.  Casters with dual brakes are PL series, P series and GDC series.
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    Q. Standard casters have a black surface. Can I change them to chrome plating?
    A.  Various types of plating are available. Chrome plating is also available.
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    Q. What products can be used in the clean room?
    A.  All our products are available for clean rooms. Many companies currently use our casters in their clean rooms.