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Heat Resisting Casters

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    Q. What is a heat resistant caster?
    A.  It is a caster that can be continuously used in the environment above 100°C.
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    Q. Where is a heat resistant caster used? (Applications)
    A.  It is normally attached to carts and equipment for heat treatment processes in food and pharmaceutical companies.
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    Q. What materials are used for heat resistant casters?
    A.  FRD special rubber developed by G-DOK is installed, which can withstand high temperatures from 0 to 250°C for a long time.
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    Q. What is the maximum temperature?
    A.  It can be used up to 250 °C.
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    Q. Do you have any medium-duty heat resistant casters?
    A.  We don't have those products available up to 250 °C for medium duty casters.If the temperature is not high, MC Nylon wheel can be used up to 120 °C (indirect heat method) among medium duty casters.
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    Q. Do you have a low temperature caster?
    A.  Low temperature casters are available through custom solution.