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AGV Casters

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    Q. What is an AGV caster?
    A. AGV stands for Automated Guided Vehicle. AGV casters are casters fitted for specific purposes, such as AGV and Robot.
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    Q. Where is an AGV caster used? (Applications)
    A. If standard casters are used in AGV's that run 24 hours in the production line, AGV's will fail due to problems with the durability and radius of the standard caster.Our AGV exclusive casters help prevent work loss and accidents of AGV's.
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    Q. The AGV is out of route or malfunctioning for some reason. Which casters would you recommend to solve the problemt?
    A. We have six types of AGV casters. The solution depends on the problem and the environment. For example, if there is a problem with the radius of rotation, GAAD, GSAD (patent), a problem with the floor surface and impact, GASD. If you have a balance problem caused by uneven floor, GATD. We can recommend products by checking AGV related problems in the field directly, so please contact us.
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    Q. The customer requirement is urethane material VULKOLLAN. Is it possible to change urethane material?
    A. We have several kinds of urethane materials. Technical consulting allows urethane to be replaced according to the site and conditions.