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Shock Absorbing Casters

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    Q. What is a shock absorbing caster?
    A.  It is a caster with the function of absorbing the shock generated while driving.Our shock-absorbing casters, unlike other spring casters, use special rubber springs to provide excellent performance even for fine impacts.
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    Q. Where is a shock absorbing caster used? (Applications)
    A.  It helps protect the product from impact caused by uneven floor or height difference between floors.And it provides excellent performance to reduce noise generated while moving.It is mainly used for shock-sensitive products in the automotive, chemical, electronic industry.
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    Q. Cushion options (65 degrees, 75 degrees) are available. What is the cushion option and which should I choose?
    A.  Shock-absorbing casters have special rubber springs. The number indicates the hardness of this spring. The higher the hardness, the less the spring is pressed against the load. High hardness at heavy loads and low hardness at light loads provide excellent performance.
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    Q. Can shock absorbing casters have antistatic function? In addition, there should be no marks on the floor.
    A.  Antistatic function can be added to the product. G-dok's antistatic feature is different from other companies'. It is not a mixture of carbon. It does not leave a mark on the floor unlike other products.