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Compact Casters

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    Q. What is a compact caster?
    A.  The overall size of the caster is small but it can withstand heavy loads.FOOT MASTER compact caster is more durable and rollable than any other compact casters.
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    Q. Where is a compact caster used? (Applications)
    A.  Compact casters are mainly used for low-height and heavy equipment in telecom, laboratory and semiconductor industry.
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    Q. Due to the height limitation, it is difficult to apply general heavy duty casters to our machine. Can I use multiple compact casters instead of heavy duty casters?
    A.  No problem under normal circumstances, but the calculation of load capacity depends on the situation.Technical consultation is required in advance.
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    Q. I want to change the bolt size and length for my equipment.
    A.  Modification of casters & bolts needs technical consultation in advance.