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Leveling Casters

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    Q. What is a leveling caster?  
    A.  New concept of a functional caster combined with a leveling ability that removes unnecessary work and improve work efficiency of workers with a 2 in 1 system.As a signature product of G-DOK Industries, it is the original FOOT MASTER that has become the world standard for leveling casters.
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    Q. Where is a leveling caster used? (Applications)  
    A.  Leveling casters are used where equipment is frequently moved and positoned like factory machine, laboratory equipment, clothing store showcase, etc..Please lower the pad when you want to hold the position and raise the pad when moving it. Anyone can use it easily.
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    Q. What is the difference between GD / GDN / GDR?  
    A.  The biggest difference is handle access and shape.GD / GDN has the same type of handle but GD has the side access and GDN is the back access.The GDR does not have a manual handle but has a separate ratchet for easy height adjustment.
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    Q. Are mounting bolts supplied together? The bolt size is different from my equipment specifications. Can I change the bolts?   
    A.  Mounting bolts are supplied together with the casters.If you want different-size bolts, you can change them by a custom solution. Please ask in advance whether it is available.
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    Q. Can you make the leveling caster antistatic?  
    A.  Antistatic is a function that focuses on discharging the electricity generated in the conductors capable of flowing electricity to the floor, not blocking the sparks.Products with antistatic function are available up to GD(N) -